Net Worth:
$50 Million

Profession: Neurosurgeon, Spine Surgeon

Age: 39 years old

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 5 ft 11”

About Dr. Neilank K. Jha MD, MSc, MBA

Dr. Jha holds his medical degree, neurosurgical training and spine fellowship from McMaster University and the University of Toronto. He holds MSc and MBA degrees from the London School of Economics and Ivey Business School respectively. He is a practising neurosurgeon and founded Bodhi Research in 2016. Dr. Jha, through fiscal conservatism, key partnerships and collaborations brought his initial investors an approximate return of 1500%. Dr. Jha has been appointed as Chairman & CEO of Green Relief Innovations.

Dr. Jha is recognized internationally as a leading expert in traumatic brain injury. He has founded journals, conferences and published extensively in this area. His approach has been about academic collaboration and leveraging the efficiencies of the private sector to enhance R&D and ultimately patient care.

Dr. Jha has covered stories for the NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAA and PGA tour for matters ranging from concussions to analytics in sports.

Dr. Jha had predicted Tiger’s eventual successful return in 2018 based on biomechanics and analytics when other pundits had written him off.

Dr. Jha has been featured on National & International networks including HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

Dr. Jha’s holdings include significant assets in biotechnology, golf industry and social media applications.


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